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Christmas went about as well as can be expected... which is to say it was the worst. Me and Dad went up to Orewa because his mother (by proxy, my Grandmother I suppose, I don't like to make that association though, since she's evil). Had been sick and needed some stooges to clean up after her.
Dad pointed out on the way home that last year we had gone up to Orewa on Christmas as well, and Mum had stayed home... so it's practically the same, right? I reserved my right to disagree.

Also, my Xbox 360 gave me the dreaded Red Ring Of Death, adding to the feeling that everything around me is breaking down. Of course, I'm not just talking about mechanical things, but the things that are and have broken down lately include my Xbox, my computer, and teh internets (actually, they're okay now, sorry for the inconvenience).

On Christmas Eve I wandered down to a bookstore - previously I'd known it as the bargain bin offshoot of a store not far away ($2.50 for Star by Pamela Anderson and totally not worth it), but it certainly seemed like it was in full retail mode, probably something to do with the festive season. I bought a comic book called Vampire Loves. An art style that seems weirdly familiar, and a level of angst in the dialogue that I relate to probably a little too well, I like it.
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