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Wugg Log

The seldom-updated journal of a self-confessed Wugg

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Skipped Back 10

November 7th, 2007


I was on Canadian TV. If ever so briefly.

August 1st, 2007


Yeah, soooo, I won at Xlan, I'm going to Singapore tomorrow, Seattle sometime later this year, and I had a birthday sometime a while back which I practically forgot about. Ummm, yeah. Maybe I'll write about it later, probably not. SINGAPORE!

July 5th, 2007

XLan is this weekend. It just occurred to me that selina_fox will probably be in Auckland or something, and yet I haven't even packed or printed a map of where the hell I'm going.
I should mention why XLan is significant. It's the WCG qualifying event for New Zealand - if I win the DOA4 tournament here, I go to compete in Singapore and Seattle. Anyway, I should pack.

June 27th, 2007

Okay, so I'm working at this R&D company... I was doing production but now I'm working on their website, and learning the odd thing for a role as Operations Guy or something. It's good. I was beginning to get a bit fed up with the smell of solder & flux, but now I'm not really even dealing with that.
My boss is really cool, really good to work for, and has a sense of humour (BIG plus). We have a black-tie event to go to, his company is up for the district award for best new innovative exporter or something. Could be interesting.
One of the guys I work with is a keen DDR player, or at least he used to be. He laments his gut since he hasn't played regularly in a while. I think I might tag along with him to the arcade weekly or something... even though I've never played DDR in my life, I can imagine it'd be the kind of thing I might like.

Oh, we got the house recarpeted/tiled in the past week. So it's sorta been the week from hell. I think I REALLY dislike rennovation type stuff... or maybe I just dislike doing it and having to deal with my parents - I think we were wallpapering when I started to have serious issues a couple of years back (wow, it's been that long?) Ibuki doesn't seem to know what to think when furniture gets moved around, she's either distraught or insatiably curious, the way she re-explores every part of a room once things have been moved around.

geekpulp.co.nz is doing pretty well, no thanks to my sluggish behaviour at writing reviews. The podcasts are going up every week in some semblance of regularity, which is great.
Reviews I have to write: Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Race To The Rally (PS2, and complete garbage), Everybodys Tennis (PS2, and really pretty good), Enchanted Arms (PS3, almost the same as the 360 game of the same name), Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 (PS2, compilation, semi decent). Then I've got Ridge Racer 7 and Blazing Angels (PS3 and seriously BOO to both) to write for Game Planet... I dislike the Game Planet submission site - it requires standard aspect ratio screenshots, which is a real pain since mot next gen screens seem to be in widescreen, and the site won't load at all in Firefox, and all but the most important part seems to load in IE7, so once I've done writing them I'll just have to e-mail the body to Martin I guess.

Oh, and my grandmother (the surviving one) managed to crash her car. Into a cafe. And another car. Barely missing two schoolchildren, witnesses say. She practically denies it all, harrasses the police, and gets agro at my parents when they take her license away. Seriously... I don't think I feel pity very often, but I pity her, for a wide variety of reasons.

That's enough for now.

June 1st, 2007

Nanas funeral was okay. Y'know... as funerals go. Talking in front of everyone at a funeral is hard, not really because of nervousness, which I was aswell, but because of your throat constantly threatening to constrict and send your face into all those contortions that it does while wailing/bawling/sobbing.
It's over now, time to put it in the past.

Work is alright. I get a little bit paranoid when I'm dealing with flux sometimes - we (me and Scott, one of the guys I work with) looked up Flux Poisoning on the net, it doesn't sound pleasant. At one point "blood in the stool" was mentioned - which is a barely nicer way of saying "rectal bleeding". Lovely. Don't think there's any risk of abusing the substance to get off work any time soon.

Ibuki's on my computer swishing her tail. What a cutie.

May 24th, 2007


Nana died a few hours ago. It's funny how we all thought it would be a relief, and maybe it is, not having to see her In that state anymore, just lying there almost motionless, completely helpless. But in spite of that, in spite of the fact that I said my teary goodbyes years ago, and then again in the last month or two, there's still a profound sense of loss that she simply won't be there anymore. Thinking about it (and by association, writing about it) gets me choked up, so I think I'll stop here.

May 15th, 2007

Not so slack?

So, I've been working lately, going in at the morning, soldering wires and things, going home in the afternoon, and it feels like I haven't had much time to just chill out and rest. You know that thing where once you start getting busy, it just doesn't stop? It feels like that, and me being me, who used to be pretty much a complete tortoise of a person, it's pretty weird.
Saturday I grabbed Paul and Gary, went into town, shopping (and fixing my suit, it was too tight across the shoulders), bought a mothers day present, a wedding present, then a SATA hard drive and DVD writer and spent the rest of the day monkeying with hardware and installing Windows Vista (got hooked up with a copy for that thing where I played games in the shop window of Whitcoulls on Queen Street the entire week). Sunday morning, I go over early to Pauls and hang out with him and Gary, generally keeping the groom entertained we were.
All this time I'm writing down in a notepad the speech that I'd already more or less formulated in my head but not put onto paper.
Paul gets married, we spend an hour or two wandering around Mystery Creek getting photos taken (maybe I'll post some, mmmmayyyybe I won't - been so long since I posted photos, I dunno what I'd do for a host). We then do the reception thing in the hall nearby. I give my speech, it's not bad. (maybe I'll scan the scribbled notes of what I wrote, but I prrrrobably won't) I started off with a gag, I opened the fortune cookie that was at my seat read aloud "your speech will not go well" and sigh. I then tell them about the time I stuck a buttercup up Pauls nose in our much earlier years. Kareena gives a speech also, I envy the incredible composure she keeps during her delivery.
They then do a tea ceremony, Chinese tradition, I think the newlyweds serves tea to other family members which are also married, and get given red packets (which contain money, cha-ching). Finally the formalities are over. Two tables of Chinese relatives arrive - seems rude, and it sort of is, but as explained, the church ceremony is more or less meaningless to them... I dunno. In any case, the punchline is that Paul is sort of relieved, because they're late enough to have missed the tea ceremony, which if they had been present for, would have dragged out even longer.
After a day of joking (and threatening) about the throwing of the garterbelt, Paul sneakily takes the garterbelt off Angela and catches me unawares, throwing the garterbelt at my face. Thinking I'm being assaulted by a collection of whiteish blueish flowers, my ninja reflexes kick in and catch it. Soon afterwards, the horror of what has just occurred sets in.
I drive the wedding car, getting the newlyweds to a hotel and Kareena home. At the hotel, Paul demands I get out of the car. He thanks me and gives me a man-hug, I congratulate him and tell the couple not to stay up too late.

Monday, I wake up and go to my other job, which is going up to Auckland and hassling the Microsoft people. Get a sneak peak of the Halo 3 beta coming out in a few days which is currently in the friends-and-family state. We then go to Soft Print Interactive (now calling themselves SPI), to talk to the Nintendo distributor in New Zealand. I got a copy of Picross for the DS, which I think is pretty neat.

And with this, a quick but long post before work, I become unnudgable for another week (or whatever).

May 9th, 2007


Do honest accidents ever incur karmic backlash?

April 28th, 2007

I went for an interview yesterday, over at an R&D company (it's a small place, they do R&D, and production and sales... sooo, pretty much the whole product cycle) which is sort of out in the wops. Currently they make a little gizmo that diagnoses faults in Japanese cars, it's pretty neat. Initially I'll be doing production - electronics assembly, basically soldering stuff. During the interview however, they were pretty excited to have a potential employee with an interest in writing - they want to overhaul their website and get their online sales up to speed, which is cool, obvious advancement prospects. Flexible hours too, which is great since I still intend to wander up to Auckland and whatnot.
Speaking of wandering, I was in Wellington last weekend, I roadtripped down with some friends and stayed in a backpackers lodge. Armageddon was on (cosplaying Princess Leia was pretty damn hot), played a bunch of Virtua Fighter 5 in the PS3 booth... we were in town to attend BBS12 though - I won the DOA4 tournament, Sam (one of my roadtripping companions) came second, videos of the grand final and losers bracket final are on youtube (my username is WuggamusPrime), and I came second in Virtua Tennis 3, which I intend to improve upon once I actually get the game.
So yeah, employment and travelling. I might not sound all that excited, but I think it'll kick in later, maybe when I've signed something.

April 17th, 2007

Rodent genocide. Ew.

There are four dead mice out on our back lawn. Gross. I wandered out there and Ibuki appeared. I looked at her accusingly and she acted innocent. They're bleeding from parts that they couldn't have bitten themselves in though, so I suspect foul play.
I suppose I should be thankful that none of them were brought inside (whereby it becomes my jurisdiction to deal with said mouse) - but four in one day? Sweet zombie jesus...
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